How to swim during a swimrun race – Be smarter, faster and save energy – Use a pull-cord!

In the early days of swimrun, very few used a pull-cord of any sort, whereas today this equipment has become standard in team swimrun racing. Its main purpose is to help pull the weaker swimmer during the swims but despite this great benefit, some teams still opt for racing without one. This is totally fine, but the options should be weighed carefully, because you might gain several benefits from using a pull-cord.

A standard pull-cord
A standard pull-cord

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Director Report – Breca Jersey 2016


Pioneer events are special. There are no previous course times to consider, no race reports to read – they’re a step into the unknown. And in the case of Breca Jersey, it wasn’t so much a step as an enormous leap. The swims are on three of the island’s coastlines – each stage is subject to different swells, currents and tides (this year the east coast was particularly memorable). Reflecting on this afterwards, Vaughan Robinson (team The VWs) postulated that it was a swimmers course. But, I would argue that the combination of trail, steeps, fast flats, technical entries and exits favours both the complete athlete and teams that can work together. So huge congratulations to all of you that took part, it was really inspiring watching you take on the course.

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Racereport: Ö till Ö 2016 Team Sportextreme part 1.

Right after Rockman swimrun and my SAUC-days in august, I was in a good shape. I was dreaming of  racing in my fifth World Championship, after two years working on the race as a journalist in 2010 and 2011, and competing four years in row.

I could not believe my eyes then I was sitting on the boat out to Runmarö when I got a message that a team I know needed me. One guy suffered from borelia in early august. I was excited, thrilled and wanted to train as much as I could. Anyway, after weeks of talking and a training sessions, me and Jim were ready for the race. I had a little bit of to catch up to do in my running since I had been working a lot this summer, but the swimming was better than ever. After four races from Utö Swimrun in may to Rockman Swimrun in august, I was ready for the Mother tof all swimrun races. Ö till Ö.

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NOT ALL GOES ACCORDING TO PLAN – Team Kattegatt goes to Norway

Not all goes according to plan.

This was the summer when we were supposed to swim the crossing of the Kattegatt strait. However, summer has passed and we have not yet crossed the Kattegatt. When we were preparing for this adventure, we knew that it would be difficult and that many aspects had to be just right in order for this to work. Not all was just right when we attempted.

The reasons for our failure were mainly two – water temperatures and wind. We made three attempts, the first time in beginning of July the water temperatures in the open ocean were still too low, only around 13 degrees. This made us reconsider and practice along the coastline in northern Bohuslän instead.

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