Paddles in swimrun – How far can they be developed?

“To all whom it may concern:”

Robert Henry Wallace Dunlop wrote already in 1876 and little did he know that his letter to the US Patent Office would come to affect swimming from that moment on, up until today.

What Robert had invented was the heart-shaped swim paddle with accompanied swim fins. After years of field testing he felt confident that his hand-and-foot-plate invention would “help improve human locomotion in the water.”

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2017 Swimrun Equipment Test Results – WETSUITS

Wetsuits are arguably the most important piece of equipment in swimrun training and racing. It should provide good buoyancy, keep you warm in the water but also be easy to run in on land and to ventilate or ‘cab down’ (fold down the upper part) in hot conditions. This is the major difference compared to regular triathlon or open water wetsuits, only used for swimming. A good swimrun wetsuit should align itself properly with the body but we all have different needs and are individually shaped in different ways, e.g., have different body types; mesomorphic, endomorphic or ectomorphic. It can therefor be challenging to find a good wetsuit with a proper fit.

Different body types require different type of fits


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How to swim during a swimrun race – Be smarter, faster and save energy – Use a pull-cord!

In the early days of swimrun, very few used a pull-cord of any sort, whereas today this equipment has become standard in team swimrun racing. Its main purpose is to help pull the weaker swimmer during the swims but despite this great benefit, some teams still opt for racing without one. This is totally fine, but the options should be weighed carefully, because you might gain several benefits from using a pull-cord.

A standard pull-cord
A standard pull-cord

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Why we swimrun and why you should too – The road to your inner self!

It’s you against the elements.

Many who swimrun for the first time find themselves in an intellectual and emotional conundrum.

– What just happened and why am I smiling?

Been there, done that! But why?

Countless of people have tried to put their finger on those feelings that arise and some have even had it on the tip of their tongue. But we still wait for that someone who will fully capture the beauty, and consequently the essence of swimrunning freely in nature. Now, some might actually be close to explaining this, but from a scientific perspective.

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How not to go number 2 in you wetsuit – Avoiding runner’s diarrhoea

Avoid the toilet challenge!
Avoid the toilet challenge!

Do you suffer from stomach problems when you do excercise or race? This phenomenon is more common than you think. Research is probing and narrowing down its causes making it easier for those suffering from this challenge and it turns out that this problem can be even more challenging for us who do swimrun, in a black tight and warm wetsuit. 

Stomach problems during exercise is common among runners, twice as common compared to other sports like swimming. Problems with your stomach (gastrointestinal) can have great impact on your performance, even making you quit a training session or race. Common stomach problems are:

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