Race Report: Åland Swimrun 2017

“I have been to hell and back and let me tell you it was EPIC”

The cold water of the Baltic Sea was not only beginning to affect my judgement, it was in full blossom. I could only think of two things: a hot sauna and “What the hell are we doing here”.

When first I got into the business of running in a wetsuit and swimming in shoes some ten years ago, I had NO clue what I was doing. We were absolute beginners who kind of made up the sport as we went along. As many of you know, many teams used quiet big backpacks and floatation devices designed for kids. The sport of swimrun was literally being born in front of us. The first years of Swimrun offered only one competition: ÖtillÖ, today the world Championship. In fact the sport didn’t even have a name back in the early years. We where just people who liked a good challenge and didn’t care too much about the “strangeness” of running around in the woods with wetsuits. But the spirit of teamwork, nature and of course really hard mental and physical challenges have appealed to many people these last years. The beautiful and sometimes harsh Stockholm Archipelago with its many Islands offers a perfect setting for a spectacular sport. Over the years I have done other swimrun races, but I have always found ÖtillÖ to be the original.

The ingredients for a swimrun should in my humble opinion include: A course from A to B, long and hard swims, technical trail running. Some waves to stir up things.  A good teammate and some epic nature. Swimrun have been a part of my life for almost ten years now. These past years have only consisted of a few swimruns every year to concentrate on the distant cousin: Triathlon.


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‘Roof of the World’ Regatta and Swimrun

Get stoked. A crazy swimrun adventure is in the pipe-line. The ROTW!

/The WoS Team

‘Roof of the World’ Regatta and Swimrun

Jackie and I have been travelling on the Pamir Highway for over 7 years and we have always felt a special affinity with the village of Karakul – the ‘last place in Tajikistan’. What makes Karakul special is the people and the location. The people (over 1000 in the community) are ethnic Kyrgyz and they live in their village without running water or an electricity supply through the mild summers (+20C) and freezing winters (-40C). The village lies on the edge of a huge meteorite impact crater filled with turquoise water (Lake Karakul – 380Km2) and surrounded by +7000m peaks (Lenin Peak – 7134m).

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