3 weeks left until the European season starts!

costabrava 201613 weeks left.

Then the European swimrun season kicks off with the Costa Brava swimrun races. The US was 1st out with their California race. It was a wet affair as we were told earlier. Costa Brava will host a race in each of the 4 race categories. They are the second to host an ultraswimrun  joining up with the legendary 250 km Stockholm Archipelago Ultra Distance (SAUC) challenge.  Continue reading “3 weeks left until the European season starts!”

Introducing air and water temperature for swimrun races around the world

As you might have noticed, our race database contains lots of info on each race. It’s an awesome tool for hand-picking the race that will suit your ambitions.

Previously we’ve explained what race categories that you can choose from, as well as the ever so important swim ratio for a race. These two are a good start in narrowing down the choice of a race that will fit your ability as a swimrunner. Continue reading “Introducing air and water temperature for swimrun races around the world”

We now have 150 known races in the world!

Well, actually it’s 154.

The last 4, in France, just came in as we were finishing up the blog. In a couple of days they’ll be added to our race database.
no of races per year 2016

* (Blue = new, green = cumulative)

The 2016 season hasn’t even started but we can now look forward to 74 race events in 17 countries. Continue reading “We now have 150 known races in the world!”

The Italian national swimrun series!

The swimrunning sport is under strong expansion in the world right now and new races are announced each month. Just recently, Italy announced the launch of a full swimrun series, with 10 races taking place in 8 different regions this summer. Planning a vacation in Italy has never been easier.

First out is Amphibianman Grado, a 12 km individual sprint swimrun race held in May. The second race, Conero, in Acona is held in June, as is the third, Elba, in Isola D’Elba. In Elba you can choose between 2 distances, 15 km sprint and 30 km regular. Both races are individual swimrun type-races. The fourth race, Idro, at the end of June,  is held in Lake Idro close to Verona. A 25 km individual swimrun race. Continue reading “The Italian national swimrun series!”

World of Swimrun, your natural source of swimrun knowledge

Today we are happy to announce the launch of the global swimrun community World of Swimrun (WoS). Here you will find everything there is to know about swimrunning.

Plan your race

Have a look at the best race overview there is. Scout your next race on our world map. Plan your races in detail with the help of our race statistics and schedule using our comprehensive calendar. Racing has never been easier. If this is not enough for you to decide, then read about our own experiences from different races in our much appreciated race reports. Continue reading “World of Swimrun, your natural source of swimrun knowledge”