Gravity Race 2016

Emmanuel Charpentier shares his experience of the Annecy Gravity race where he competed alongside Yves Louis. The race takes place in France around the lake d’Annecy. It’s a hilly race: 5km Swim – 34.5km Run with 2100m of ascent.

After 20 years of athletics (Track and Cross-country) and 10 years of triathlon (All distances), I found myself yearning for more authentic and natural courses more specific to my profile as a swim-runner. So, I decided in 2015 to try my hand at the Troll Enez Morbihan… It was love at first sight! I had found a new form of adventure in Swimrun.

On the Friday before the race, I meet up with Yves Louis, originally from Besancon, who is an experienced trail runner and triathlete of 2 years (He did 13hrs15 in Embrun in 2015). It’s raining and it’s hard to imagine that sunshine has been forecast for the day after next. We’re going to test out swimming roped together to decide whether to do it on race day. After a short time trying them out, we decide to go with the rope. We also discover that the water is not exactly what you would call warm. (14-15° with lows of 5° in the last 15 days).

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Over 260 races in the world and more are on their way – Plus de 260 courses prévues dans le monde


A while back we had some 200 races in the world and today we’re already passed 260. Every month more races are announced and this is awesome. We love it! L’an dernier, il y avait environ 200 courses dans le monde; aujourd’hui nous sommes déjà passés à 260. Chaque mois, plus de courses sont annoncées et c’est génial. Nous aimons ça! 


Swimrun keeps growing in many directions and on many levels. The 2017 season hasn’t even started but we can now look forward to races in 24 countries. Most races still take place in Sweden, but now the French, and their swimrun-scene, is the second largest swimrun country in the world. Swimrun continue de croître  dans de nombreuses directions et à de multiples niveaux. La saison 2017 n’a pas encore commencé mais nous pouvons déjà nous attendre à voir des courses dans 24 pays. La plupart des courses se déroulent toujours en Suède, mais maintenant les Français sont les seconds en nombre de swimrun.

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Llanberis swimrun 2016 – Race Report

We interviewed François-Xavier Li from World of Swimrun and Swimrun France on his experience of the inaugural Llanberis swimrun race.

W: Hi Fix. You came in second in mixed, congratulations!

Fix: Thanks!

W: We do short race reports that go beyond the stats and give people a feeling for different races to help swim-runners pick races best suited for them. So to kick-off on this theme, how was the race? Can you describe it?

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