Race report: Swimrun North Carolina

image-9Misty Becerra and Sophia Chadwick share with us their experience at the inaugural SwimRun North Carolina which took place on October 30th, 2016 in Hanging Rock State Park, USA. Third state to host a swimrun, North Carolina is a beautiful place, another nice sport for swimrunning. Photos © Brian Fancher Photography

I had just returned back to Victoria British Columbia after traveling to Sweden for ÖtillÖ when I received a message from Misty Becerra. She had received my name from a friend of a friend of an acquaintance (we still aren’t sure how it all transpired) who said I might be interested in teaming up with her for SwimRun NC. I quickly looked up who this Misty person was and saw that she had done ÖtillÖ in 2015 + 2016, was based out of Florida, and was a super endurance athlete. Feeling pretty accomplished after having finished ÖtillÖ ten days prior, I figured that this was a pretty awesome experience that I couldn’t really pass up. Within an hour I had responded to Misty, asked my boss for the weekend off (who said something along the lines of: “You can’t say no to this Sophia!” – it is SO helpful to have an avid endurance junkie as your boss!), bounced the idea off my boyfriend and mom (“I’m not totally crazy to race with a stranger am I?!”), and booked my flight. I had just under 6 weeks to dust off my paddles and pull-buoy, Icebugs, and burn off the delicious Swedish bread and salted butter (seriously – sooo good).

Unfortunately the lead up didn’t go exactly to plan (but when does it ever). I was working extremely long days, had a ton of commitments and was dealing with a dog that decided as soon as he turned one, he was going to turn into a rebellious teenager. Swims started to fall by the wayside, runs became short (but sweet), and fatigue quickly set in.

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Epilogue: Stockholm Archipelago Ultraswimrun Challenge (SAUC) – The adventure of a lifetime!

– Within us all lives an adventurer. You just have to let him out.

The seed for swimrun adventures was planted already in 2009 when I started to train for my first ÖtillÖ race. Not really knowing how to prepare for this new challenge, my partner and I did as the originals, swimrun-exploring the islands in and around our summer-house along the course.

Overlooking the ÖtillÖ course.
Overlooking the ÖtillÖ course.

These training explo’s grew longer and later transformed into regular ultraswimrun adventures.

The conquering of the archipelago had just begun.

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The Colting wetsuit – Review

The new Colting Swimrun Wetsuit

In 2016 the swimrun community saw the birth of a new swimrun brand, namely Colting. The founder Jonas Colting, multiple Ultraman and ÖtillÖ world champion, who in 2014 swam 640 km from Stockholm to Gothenburg, is a guy who pretty much knows everything there is to know about being in the water. And him taking the step to materialize his ideas and experience, has sort of been expected. Among several products, he’s designed and developed a brand new swimrun wetsuit which was launched early this summer. But despite us having seen a few suits being used here and there, we hadn’t really seen a proper review of it. And curios as we are, we decided to get our hands on one and give it a thorough test.

The Colting Swimrun Wetsuit

The suit is made out of the well-known 39 and 40 Yamamoto Super Composite Skin (S.C.S) neoprene. It’s a combination which allows for maximal flexibility, buoyancy and durability yet with minimal water resistance. The Yamamoto neoprene is up to 99.7 % water resistant.

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3 weeks left until the European season starts!

costabrava 201613 weeks left.

Then the European swimrun season kicks off with the Costa Brava swimrun races. The US was 1st out with their California race. It was a wet affair as we were told earlier. Costa Brava will host a race in each of the 4 race categories. They are the second to host an ultraswimrun  joining up with the legendary 250 km Stockholm Archipelago Ultra Distance (SAUC) challenge.  Continue reading “3 weeks left until the European season starts!”

We now have 150 known races in the world!

Well, actually it’s 154.

The last 4, in France, just came in as we were finishing up the blog. In a couple of days they’ll be added to our race database.
no of races per year 2016

* (Blue = new, green = cumulative)

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