The 1st ever international swimrun equipment test is underway!

Test preparations are underway, French style. We have so much gear to test and we love it!

This weekend, World of Swimrun (WoS), Swimrun France (SR-F) and Swimrun Germany (SR-G) conducts the 1st ever international swimrun equipment test. Join us live and ask questions or follow our updates on social media.

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Preliminary results – Don’t forget to vote – N’oubliez pas de voter, les résultats préliminaires – Vergessen Sie nicht, Ihre Stimme abzugeben, vorläufige Ergebnisse!


Thank you all for the enthusiasm shown. We are overwhelmed by your support!

It’s almost dead-even between the wetsuit and shoes, and the buoy comes in 3rd.

Do you agree?

Cast your vote below. It’s important that you have your say! If you have other ideas, just write them in the text box, we will display all results when the poll is over!


This is the current result. Do you agree? C’est le résultat actuel. Êtes-vous d’accord? Dies ist das aktuelle Ergebnis. Sind Sie einverstanden?
Make sure to have your say and help influence the development of swimrun equipment for 2017! Only 2 weeks left to vote! Assurez-vous d’avoir votre mot à dire et aider à influencer le développement de l’équipement swimrun pour 2017! Il ne reste que deux semaines pour voter! Achten Sie darauf, Ihre Meinung und Hilfe Einfluss auf die Entwicklung der Schwimmanlage für 2017 haben! Nur noch 2 Wochen zur Abstimmung!
Vote on your most desired and prioritized swimrun items that you want the industry to change. Choose 1 to 5 options in the voting tab below. When the voting is over we will present the results and communicate them to the industry, and time is of the essence! Votre opinion compte! Votez pour vos équipements swimrun souhaités et prioritaires  que vous voulez voir l’industrie changer. Choisissez de 1 à 5 options dans l’onglet de vote ci-dessous. Lorsque le vote sera terminé, nous communiquerons cela à l’industrie, alors votez vite! Wählen Sie Ihre gewünschte und priorisierte Swimrun Artikel, die Sie ändern möchten. Wählen Sie 1 bis 5 Optionen in der Abstimmung Registerkarte unten. Wenn die Abstimmung vorbei ist, werden wir die Ergebnisse präsentieren und sie der Branche mitteilen, und die Zeit ist das Wesen!
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Which swimrun equipment do you think the sport companies should focus on developing for the 2017 season? / Quel équipement pensez-vous que les entreprises sportives devraient se concentrer sur le développement pour la saison 2017?

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Whats the status on swimrun on the other side of the Atlantic?

Check out this update from Sean Durkin – Swimrun California!

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In 2016, there will be five swimrun races held in the USA according to World of Swim Run; this is quite remarkable considering only a few American athletes competed in or heard of swimrun when I started training in 2014. In 2016 there will be three races in San Diego, CA, one race near Portland, Maine and one in Randolph, New Jersey. Worldwide, there will be over 200 races this in 2016.

In 2014, my good friend and rowing teammate Andy Hewitt found out about the ÖTILLÖ race from a few of his “crazy” friends. Andy started training on his own but soon found he needed a partner, I’d just moved back to San Diego and we started right away.

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Introducing air and water temperature for swimrun races around the world

As you might have noticed, our race database contains lots of info on each race. It’s an awesome tool for hand-picking the race that will suit your ambitions.

Previously we’ve explained what race categories that you can choose from, as well as the ever so important swim ratio for a race. These two are a good start in narrowing down the choice of a race that will fit your ability as a swimrunner. Continue reading “Introducing air and water temperature for swimrun races around the world”

We now have 150 known races in the world!

Well, actually it’s 154.

The last 4, in France, just came in as we were finishing up the blog. In a couple of days they’ll be added to our race database.
no of races per year 2016

* (Blue = new, green = cumulative)

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