2017 Swimrun Equipment Test Results – WETSUITS

Wetsuits are arguably the most important piece of equipment in swimrun training and racing. It should provide good buoyancy, keep you warm in the water but also be easy to run in on land and to ventilate or ‘cab down’ (fold down the upper part) in hot conditions. This is the major difference compared to regular triathlon or open water wetsuits, only used for swimming. A good swimrun wetsuit should align itself properly with the body but we all have different needs and are individually shaped in different ways, e.g., have different body types; mesomorphic, endomorphic or ectomorphic. It can therefor be challenging to find a good wetsuit with a proper fit.

Different body types require different type of fits


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‘Roof of the World’ Regatta and Swimrun

Get stoked. A crazy swimrun adventure is in the pipe-line. The ROTW!

/The WoS Team

‘Roof of the World’ Regatta and Swimrun

Jackie and I have been travelling on the Pamir Highway for over 7 years and we have always felt a special affinity with the village of Karakul – the ‘last place in Tajikistan’. What makes Karakul special is the people and the location. The people (over 1000 in the community) are ethnic Kyrgyz and they live in their village without running water or an electricity supply through the mild summers (+20C) and freezing winters (-40C). The village lies on the edge of a huge meteorite impact crater filled with turquoise water (Lake Karakul – 380Km2) and surrounded by +7000m peaks (Lenin Peak – 7134m).

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ÖtillÖ Hvar Swimrun Weekend & Race Report

The inaugural ÖtillÖ Hvar swimrun race was going to be a real challenge. Already on paper the course promised several tough challenges; swimming across a 3km open water stage, running on razor sharp rocks, climbing the many peaks of the islands, all while facing a strong and hot sun. The course was made out of some 35 km of running, nearly 11 k of swimming, with 20 transitions and tight cut-offs. Hvar, a popular destination in Croatia during high-season, seemed as a good place for a tough swimrun race.

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Hvar City Center and Start of the Race

The forecast looked promising with sunny conditions, albeit with a worrying 1-day storm coming in from the south.

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We say welcome to the first Swimrun Challenge Kona!

Are you ready to face the challenge of swimrunning with the turtles on the big island of Kona, Hawaii?

Back to the origin of multisport, a swimrun in warm pristine water. No wetsuit, no paddle, no pull-buoy.

Just you, your own capacity and the Islands (and some turtles)!

Time to get excited (and to start packing)!



Results are on the way – International swimrun equipment test

This weekend, World of Swimrun (WoS), Swimrun France (SR-F) and Swimrun Germany (SR-G) teamed up in Marseille, France for the 1st ever international swimrun equipment test. During 4 days, the teams tested and debated some 70 swimrun equipment items from more than 40 manufacturers.

What a weekend!

The 1st ever swimrun equipment test was a huge success. Contrary to normal sunny conditions in the rugged and steep terrain of Calanque de Sormiou, Marseille, our test was conducted in rain, storm-winds, huge waves, strong currents and sun. We definitely got the chance to test the swimrun equipment in all types of conditions.

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