Race report: Swimrun North Carolina

image-9Misty Becerra and Sophia Chadwick share with us their experience at the inaugural SwimRun North Carolina which took place on October 30th, 2016 in Hanging Rock State Park, USA. Third state to host a swimrun, North Carolina is a beautiful place, another nice sport for swimrunning. Photos © Brian Fancher Photography

I had just returned back to Victoria British Columbia after traveling to Sweden for ÖtillÖ when I received a message from Misty Becerra. She had received my name from a friend of a friend of an acquaintance (we still aren’t sure how it all transpired) who said I might be interested in teaming up with her for SwimRun NC. I quickly looked up who this Misty person was and saw that she had done ÖtillÖ in 2015 + 2016, was based out of Florida, and was a super endurance athlete. Feeling pretty accomplished after having finished ÖtillÖ ten days prior, I figured that this was a pretty awesome experience that I couldn’t really pass up. Within an hour I had responded to Misty, asked my boss for the weekend off (who said something along the lines of: “You can’t say no to this Sophia!” – it is SO helpful to have an avid endurance junkie as your boss!), bounced the idea off my boyfriend and mom (“I’m not totally crazy to race with a stranger am I?!”), and booked my flight. I had just under 6 weeks to dust off my paddles and pull-buoy, Icebugs, and burn off the delicious Swedish bread and salted butter (seriously – sooo good).

Unfortunately the lead up didn’t go exactly to plan (but when does it ever). I was working extremely long days, had a ton of commitments and was dealing with a dog that decided as soon as he turned one, he was going to turn into a rebellious teenager. Swims started to fall by the wayside, runs became short (but sweet), and fatigue quickly set in.

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Whats the status on swimrun on the other side of the Atlantic?

Check out this update from Sean Durkin – Swimrun California!

/The WoS Team

In 2016, there will be five swimrun races held in the USA according to World of Swim Run; this is quite remarkable considering only a few American athletes competed in or heard of swimrun when I started training in 2014. In 2016 there will be three races in San Diego, CA, one race near Portland, Maine and one in Randolph, New Jersey. Worldwide, there will be over 200 races this in 2016.

In 2014, my good friend and rowing teammate Andy Hewitt found out about the ÖTILLÖ race from a few of his “crazy” friends. Andy started training on his own but soon found he needed a partner, I’d just moved back to San Diego and we started right away.

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California Swimrun March 2016 Race report

California swimrun March 2016 startThe second edition of the California swimrun took place on March 6th, in an unusual windy and rainy day. But the weather didn’t discourage 15 teams to show up for a 12km race in the Mission Bay of San Diego. The competitors started with a steep hill before heading over a bridge to enter the water for the first swim. The first team out of the swim was female team Chaffing the Dream, composed of Jennifer Huffman and Kristin Langston, proof if ever needed that ladies can hold their place in swimrun. Continue reading “California Swimrun March 2016 Race report”

Made in USA

Casco Bay Islands 1Swimrunning is now firmly anchored on USA’s shores. The seminal race took place on the beaches and calm lagoon waters of Mission Bay in SanDiego in September 2015 and will be repeated on 4th March 2016. It is now the turn of the  East coast to discover swimrunning on August 14th 2016 with the Casco Bay Islands SwimRun. Located in the Maine’s bay, this race will cover roughly 24 km with 17.7 km of running and 6.3 of swimming, linking islands with promising names such as ‘Crushing island’ and ‘Great Diamond island’. 20 merit and 80 lottery team places available, registration closes 31st January.

Casco Bay Islands, USA

A new race has been announced in USA. The Casco Bay Islands swimrun will take place in the golf of Maine on the North-East  coast, near Portland. This inlet of the Maine river features 136 islands and it’s a very natural setting for swimrunning. The provisional distances are 17.7km running and 6.3km swimming for a total of 24km. 100 teams will take part in this inaugural race on 14th August 2016. This looks like a classic in the making.