How to not get cold, what to wear and how – winter swimrun is around the corner!

Next week the much dreaded Hellas Frostbite Swimrun race takes place, a winter swimrun in Stockholm, Sweden. We know for a fact that the organizers have prepared for the worst. If the ice will be to thick to break, they will saw their way through and create an ice channel for the racers to swim in.

Brrr. It doesnt get much colder than this. 

To prepare for the race, have a look at our guide below, on what to think of when doing a cold swimrun race.

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Shoes 2015OtilloRace

Today we talk with our WoS expert Nic. Nic is a PhD student in public health sciences at Karolinska Institutet, also working as an expert investigator at the Public Health Agency of Sweden, the national government authority with responsibility for public health issues.

Hi Nic and thanks for taking the time to talk to us at WoS. You are a swimrunner with vast experience, having done your fair share of races and adventures in difficult and cold conditions?

Nic: Hi and thanks for having me. Yes, I started swimrunning already in 2008 when preparing for my first ÖtillÖ race in 2009. We have a house along the ÖtillÖ route so I’ve spent my upbringing running on these islands and I’ve been windsurfing the area for many years, so I know my way around.

Nice, given your expert opinion, what should a swimrunner think about before hitting the cold water.

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Motivation – what drives you forward during a long endurance swimrun race like ötillö?

What motivates you to go out and train that late Tuesday evening, in the rain, even though you are tired? We sat down with Christine from team Ultraswimrun, currently in final preparations for ÖtillÖ next week and had a chat about her motivation and drivers.


WoS: Hi Christine and thanks for taking the time to chat with us (again). Today we talk about motivation, and different drivers. You’re up for ÖtillÖ in September, how’s the preparations going?

C: Quite all right, thank you. After Utö I had some problems with pain in my feet and I had to take it easy with running for a while, and instead focus on swimming, but it seems like it is improving now. I will do ÖtillÖ for the first time and am aware that it is an extremely tough race, so in a way it seems like you can never prepare enough. But you only have so much time and right now I feel I do the best with the time I have.

WoS: ÖtillÖ is a long race that will take a pro-athlete somewhere around 10-12 hours to finish. How do you mentally prepare for a race like that?

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Kattegatt Swimrun part one – It doesn’t have to be fun in order to be fun.

There is this thing with swimrun and adventures. Or better yet, crazy Swedes doing crazy things. They just keep spoiling us with new out-of-the-box swimrun adventures. The first gave us ÖtillÖ, the second, Stockholm Archipelago Ultraswimrun Challenge (SAUC), and lets not forget the one where 2 guys Rasmus and Simon did Sweden to Finland‪ addnatureöstersjösimmet‬, or Team Ultraswimrun who packed their gear and went bonanza in Lofoten last month. Next up is the amazing Swedish team Kattegatt Swimrun, and their Denmark to Sweden adventure challenge. Follow their preparations and journey here on WoS, a really cool swimrun adventure.

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It is in the middle of the night. I wake up in a pouring cold sweat. I get up and drink some water to cool down. I look outside. There hangs the wetsuit, just the way it does almost every day. The dream (or the nightmare, hard to tell) is the same one I have had so many times before.
It always circles around the same thing. The big challenge, the hours and hours in the open sea that lie ahead of us. I have had this feeling many times before, before big races, before the Ironman, always the same. Only this time it is much scarier, because the challenge ahead is so much greater. As much as I fear it I dream of it, I cherish the feeling, I look forward to it.


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3 weeks left until the European season starts!

costabrava 201613 weeks left.

Then the European swimrun season kicks off with the Costa Brava swimrun races. The US was 1st out with their California race. It was a wet affair as we were told earlier. Costa Brava will host a race in each of the 4 race categories. They are the second to host an ultraswimrun  joining up with the legendary 250 km Stockholm Archipelago Ultra Distance (SAUC) challenge.  Continue reading “3 weeks left until the European season starts!”

Are swimrun goggles becoming obsolete?

GEARWe’ve all been there. The day before race-day sitting with our gear spread out on the floor thinking:

– Should i bring this or not. Is the water going to be cold? The sun is out, maybe I should take the shorty…

But one thing we rarely question is the goggles. Are they really necessary? Of course, they do serve a purpose, but while running they are just in the way. And while performing the ins and outs, they can become a real hassle. To tackle this some racers prefer transparent ones, keeping them on while running shorter stretches, but only a few swim without. Continue reading “Are swimrun goggles becoming obsolete?”