Modifying and optimizing your swimrun gear – Get race ready

If you’re a swimrun-beginner you might want to train and do some races before starting to modify your swimrun gear. Unless you’re aiming for that top 3 placement. Here World of Swimruns Nic gives you some advises that could be good for swimrunning. Comments are always intresting. So let it roll, and let us know.

Modifying gear is all about chasing minutes and seconds during a race, and if there’s no need to, you can do well without and just focus on enjoying it. If you still feel that your gear is not operating at 100 %, that something needs to change, there are a few things that can be fixed quite easily. Below we’ll give you a few pointers on what you can do.

There are 2 basic rules when racing: Continue reading “Modifying and optimizing your swimrun gear – Get race ready”