Training and sex, or is it the other way around?

Credit: Digital romance 

Train as little as possible, or at least very short sessions to have more sex!

Pre-season is almost over and training focus will now shift from building strength and stamina towards improving overall speed, trying to hit the performance peak just before the next race.

Training with the aim to win, or to position oneself in the top-tier, comes with many benefits and some disadvantages. For many, this type of training focus helps structure general life, have positive impact on overall health, well-being and specifically on lower body weight, aerobic and anaerobic fitness, cardiovascular health and so on. This well-being is also interconnected to cognitive and mental health.

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Swimrun, development and doping – Where are we heading?

As some of you might have heard, last year the Norwegian cross-country skier Therese Johaug, considered the best in the world, got caught in a doping control.

What did she do?

In August 2017, she used a lip-cream bought and provided for by the Norwegian Ski Team’s doctor, to treat a sunburnt lip that she had gotten during high-altitude training in Italy. This is the official story and the doctor has taken full responsibility for the situation that resulted in a suggested 14-month suspension.

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