Interview: Annika Ericsson – A true champ!


A strong competitor with loads of podiumpositions is this ironlady some extra special. Started her carrier with hours and weeks in the pool at young years, has now developed to be something outstanding. Here is Annika Ericsson!

Tell me about you´re background as a swimrunner?

I did my first swimrun race in 2012, which was Ångaloppet. That was followed by ÖtillÖ the same year. The goal with ÖtillÖ was only to try and manage to finish and I had never done such a long race before so I was quite nervous. The race together with Fredrik Selmered was just absolutely amazing and we had such a good time that we continued another season 2013 and surprisingly won ÖtillÖ that year.

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Getting back to swimrun-shape after child birth

WoS: Hi Christine & thx for taking the time to talk to us at WoS!

Christine: Hi and thx for having me.

W: Your team, Ultraswimrun, recently finished Utö swimrun, 5th among women and 53rd overall and you managed to qualify for ÖtillÖ 2016. Congrats, how was the race?

C: Thanks a lot. It was an awesome race. The environment along the course on Utö is absolutely amazing. Beautiful scenery with amazing views – although it is hard to enjoy all of them since the most beautiful parts are also the most technical ones so you really need to focus to stay on your feet… But it was a great race!

May 2016. Team Ultraswimrun at the finish line at Utö swimrun. 5th place among womens and a qualification spot for ÖtillÖ 2016.

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Swimrun – can it get more equal?

The new sport of swimrun doesn’t have the luxury of claiming a historical heritage like golf for instance. Neither is it the result of one or more sports naural development, but rather a stand-alone phenomenon. It is the result of people’s natural curiosity and desire for adventure. Swimrun originates from a drunken bet among friends, skipping a couple of 100 years of development and time-specific historical influence. It is divergent in origin, its own product, without any pre-established sports-related cultural norms.

This is important.
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